Monetary Donations

If you choose to make a monetary donation, you can conveniently do so by filling out the form below, or you can contact us. Remember that donations to Child Cancer Fund are tax deductible.

If you wish, you can designate that your donation goes to The Christy Fund to help fund the position of the Child Life Specialist by clicking the button below or mailing your donation with instructions to designate it to this fund.

Another way you can help is to designate Child Cancer Fund as the recipient of your United Way contribution. You can write in “Child Cancer Fund” when you give to United Way.
Select us for the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) for federal workers and military (CFC #52043)

In-Kind Contributions

Individuals and companies can donate in-kind contributions to help families in treatment. You can also view the CCF wish list for more possible in-kind donations.

Corporate Sponsorship

Child Cancer Fund applies all contributions, unless you designate otherwise, directly to the general fund. However, you can choose to designate your contribution to any of our program services.

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